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Welcome to our New Tutors and Receptionists, Part 1

Hey Choctaws!

It's Mary Freeman and Emma Ellard, your blog co-editors for 2023-2024. This year, we are so excited to be back and hopefully bigger and better than ever before! But as we enter this new school year, we can't go without giving a very warm welcome to our new tutors and receptionists.

This year, we have a wonderful staff who are ready to serve this campus with their skills, talents, and kindness. You can learn more about them on our new staff page. So, without further ado, welcome to our new tutors and receptionists (part 1):


Abby Duggar

Abby Duggar is an English Education & Writing major, and her hope is to become a college professor one day. A fun fact about Abby is that she was a youth intern at a church in Maryland this past summer!

Morgan Flemons

Morgan Flemons is an English Education major who dreams of owning a daycare or teaching high school students. One fun fact about Morgan is that she makes daily vlogs... but she doesn’t actually have a blog.

Slade Haney

Slade Haney is a Biology Pre-Medicine student minoring in Psychology with hopes of one day becoming a pediatric oncologist. He also has concrete in his right leg!

Caroline Hunt

Caroline Hunt is a Public Relations major with a minor in English Writing. Caroline dreams of owning her own PR firm, making partner at a law firm that specializes in mass media litigation, becoming a grassroots lobbyist, or becoming an author. She is also a gas station cup o’ ice connoisseur (she recommends the Circle on Highway 80 for the best ice).

Carson Jones

Majoring in General Biology, Carson Jones’ career goal is to one day teach as a college professor. She likes to travel; once, she went to three countries in just one day!


Mary Hanks

Mary Hanks is a Computing and Information Systems major with a Spanish minor. Her dream job is to work in cyber security for the FBI. A fun fact about Mary is that she has been to Washington D.C. to attend the March for Life 13 times!

Ava Mury

Ava Mury is a Psychology major with a minor in Administration of Justice. She hopes to work as a forensic psychologist in the future. To help with her dream, she worked in a jail over the summer!


I hope you learned something about our new tutors and receptionists! We can't wait to get this semester underway. Be on the lookout for a Part 2 of our new staff members from us in a couple of weeks!

See you soon!

Mary and Emma

The Writing Center is located on the first floor of the Leland Speed Library across from the Gore Art Gallery.

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Come and see us during our hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday: 9am - 8pm

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