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Meet the Seniors, Part Two

Hey everyone! We hope your semester has not gotten too busy -- and that you've stayed dry! In the meantime, we are back with features of the rest of our senior tutors. While they may be graduating, their impression has been lasting on the Writing Center's community. Make sure to make appointments with these amazing people before they graduate!

Cole Jones

Cole Jones is an English Writing major with minors in English literature, Graphic Design, and Applied Humanities. Cole has been a tutor for 2 years, and this year he works as the WC's Outreach Specialist. His dream job is to be a professor and write fiction on the side. A fun fact about Cole is he once shoved his head through his mom's work computer because he liked the colorful circles the screen made when he pressed on it. Post graduation, he will be pursuing his PhD in English with hopes to teach at the college level.

Cher (Robyn) Marshall

Cher has been with the WC for 1 year as a tutor. She is an English Writing major and she is minoring in Psychology with dreams to become a Bestselling author, preschool teacher, or high school teacher. Post graduation, she plans to find a job at a library, a small bookstore, or a publishing house while working on her novel.

Lindsey Newman

Lindsey is wrapping up her first year as a tutor at the WC as well as her double major in English Writing and Administration of Justice. Her dream job, though, would be owning her own daycare! Fun fact: Lindsey knows English so well that she can say the alphabet backwards! After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school.

Reagan Palmer

Reagan is a Biology Pre-Med major who dreams of being an Infectious Disease Researcher. She has been a tutor with us for 1 year, and a fun fact about her is that her mom has a personal letter and autographed picture from Elvis Presley! After she graduates, she will be pursuing her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology to fulfill her dream job of researching, and she hopes to teach later in life.

Josie Whipp

Finally, our last senior is Josie, who is completing her 3rd year as a tutor. She is an Administration of Justice major with a minor in Pre-Law. She hopes to pursue a job as a Juvenile Lawyer or a Legal Advocate, but her real dream would be to own a library of rare and antique books. Josie has also been a part of the Cross Country and Track and Field team all four years of college! After she graduates, she will be heading to law school.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our seniors a little better. We are so proud of all of their accomplishments, and we know they will go on to do incredible things!

See you soon!

Mary and Emma


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