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Welcome to Our New Tutors and Receptionists, Part 1

Hey there! I'm Mary Margaret Freeman, one of the co-blog editors for the MC Writing Center! I am so excited to be part of our new editor team along with Amy Atwood, my co-editor for this school year. I can't believe it's already September, but I'm very happy to be back on campus. I missed seeing familiar faces wherever I went.

Speaking of familiar faces, there may be some new faces you don't recognize on our new staff page. So, without further ado, it is my great privilege to introduce a few of our new tutors and receptionists! To see more information about our tutors and receptionists, check out our new staff page here.

Britney Bettis

Britney is a Secondary English Education major, and she is a junior. Her dream job is to be an actress and a bestselling author. She prefers to study in her room to piano or violin covers of Billie Eilish's songs. If she could learn one language in a day, it would be French. A fun fact about Britney is that she has a twin who attends MC with her, so people often get them confused!

Camden Clem

Camden is a junior majoring in English Literature, and she is double minoring in English Writing and Philosophy. Her dream job is to either be a professor of literature & creative writing or to be a poet. Camden’s go-to study spot is the Jennings balcony, and she usually listens to The Princess Bride soundtrack while she studies. She would love to learn Greek in one day. A fun fact about Camden is that her favorite paper she has ever written was on the intersection of Dungeons & Dragons and comic books!

Emma Ellard

Emma is a sophomore English Writing major, and her dream job is to be a bestselling novelist. Her favorite place to study is either Jennings or Cups, and she enjoys studying to the Little Women (2019) soundtrack. If she could learn one language in a day, it would be all of them (but more specifically, French). A fun fact about Emma is that she was a puppeteer in high school!

Robert Pennell

Robert is a sophomore majoring in English Writing and Social Work. His dream job? He’s not quite sure, but he does love to study at Cups, and his go-to study album is “Shore” by the Fleet Foxes. If he could learn a language in one day, it would be Latin. Robert’s fun fact is that he has ranked every Taylor Swift song three different times!

Drew Peters

Drew is a senior Social Studies Education major, and his dream job is either to be the CEO of Marriott or Hilton, the next 007 actor, or a professional boxer. He prefers to study in the East/West lobby while listening to classical or movie soundtracks. The language he would choose to learn in a day would be Italian. A fun fact about Drew is that he can do an Elmo impersonation – it’s pretty funny!

Gracie Trivett

Gracie is a sophomore English Education major, and her dream job is to be either a college professor, a marine biologist, or a travel journalist. She likes to study in the cubby holes in the Commons, and she usually listens to period drama soundtracks to study. If she could learn one language in a day it would be Japanese. A fun fact about Gracie is that she owns ten different copies of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott!

Bailey Wright

Bailey Wright is a senior Graphic Design major, and her dream job is to work as a graphic designer for a non-profit that helps Middle Eastern refugees, preferably located somewhere in the Middle East. Her favorite study spot in the Quad, and she likes to listen to chill worship music while studying. She thinks Arabic would be a useful language to learn in one day. A fun fact about Bailey is that she spent six months in the Middle East earlier this year teaching English!


I hope you learned something about our new tutors and receptionists! We can't wait to get this semester underway. Be on the lookout for a Part 2 of our new staff members from Amy in a couple of weeks!

See you soon!


The Writing Center is located on the first floor of the Leland Speed Library across from the Gore Art Gallery.

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