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Taking a Break: Our Tutors' Plans for Thanksgiving

Hi there fellow students! It's Mary here. I can't believe we have already arrived at Thanksgiving break. While I love being here at MC with all of my friends and peers, I won't deny that I am very excited for some time spent with family.

This Thanksgiving break, with an entire week off, our tutors have some big plans! Here are a few of them:

Where are you going?

I am going to a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia with my family!

I am traveling to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family, and also watching as many

World Cup matches as I can!

I am just going home and visiting family!

Relaxing and consuming a lot of media.

I am going home -- I am excited to see my dog!

I am going to Tennessee and then to the Egg Bowl with my family.

What is something you are thankful for?

I am thankful for being able to attend an amazing school with lots of cool people.

I’m thankful for my awesome family, all my amazing friends here at MC, and the imminent return of

the Chick-fil-A peppermint chip milkshake.

My wonderful friends!

The fact that I got Taylor Swift tickets!!!!

I'm thankful for the cold weather (finally)!

Favorite book, movie or poem to read/watch over Thanksgiving?

I love the The Dead Poet's Society!

Does SEC football count? If not, I’d probably have to say A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

I don’t know many fall movies, so probably SkyFall. I’m just kidding, it’s Dead Poets Society

"All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version)" for sure.

Probably The Hobbit or You've Got Mail!

We are so excited to be reunited with all of you next week. Until then, enjoy some turkey, family, and football -- and, of course, writing!

Happy Turkey Day,



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