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Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors, Part 2

Hey guys, Amy here! If you haven’t yet, take a look at Mary’s post; part one of the graduating seniors. This is part two and the last post of this semester. Keep a lookout in the fall for more Writing Center blog posts from new editors. Good luck to our graduating seniors in all of their future endeavors, they will be missed!

Ethan Hulshizer

Our first graduating senior is Ethan Hulshizer. Ethan is graduating from MC as a finance major; however his plans after college are to step away from that and pursue developing AI tools and capabilities. His favorite part about working at the Writing Center is getting to help students learn how to think critically about writing and to help them become more efficient at writing.

Amy Atwood

Next up is Amy Atwood. Graduating with a degree in English Writing, Amy plans to work as a Marketing Aide at a publishing company in Jackson. Getting to know her fellow tutors and having that community with them, knowing that she can go to them for anything in and out of the WC, is her favorite part about working at the Writing Center.

Chase Ezell

Chase Ezell will be graduating with a degree in Political Science and Psychology. After college, he plans to take a gap year to explore future opportunities. His favorite part of the Writing Center is the community, how welcoming, helpful, and kind everyone is.

Micah Morgan

Micah Morgan is graduating MC with a degree in English Writing and she has not set plans for after graduation just yet. Her favorite part of working in the WC is the unique learning environment. She has learned many things from helping students whose major is different from hers, from the workshops, and from other tutors!

Brooke Ingram

Brooke Ingram is also graduating with a degree in English Writing. After graduation she plans to continue school by getting her Masters in Library and Information Sciences. Getting to meet and become friends with so many cool people is her favorite part of the Writing Center.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith will be receiving her degree in English Literature and History. She has a three step plan for after graduation, to take a gap year, then attend law school, and lastly become a lawyer. Her favorite part of the Writing Center is editing people’s papers, but also the work environment and how helpful and sweet the whole staff is.

Bailey Wright

Bailey Wright, with a degree in graphic design, plans to get married, move to Birmingham, and become a graphic designer. Her favorite part of working in the Writing Center is the people!

Congratulations and farewell to our graduating seniors!

Have a good summer!

-- Amy

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