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Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors, Part 1

Hi everyone! It’s Mary here, and today I am sad but proud to be writing the first of our posts congratulating our graduating seniors! Each of these tutors has contributed to the atmosphere of the Writing Center in important, meaningful ways. We will be sad to see them go, but we are so proud of them and everything they will accomplish as they go out into the world!

Gracie Lee

Our first graduating senior is Gracie Lee! Gracie is graduating with a Journalism degree and has worked as a receptionist in the writing center for 3 years. After graduating, she wants to use her Journalism degree to write for a print or digital magazine. Her favorite part of working for the writing center has been her coworkers and the relaxing environment. She thinks it was perfect for studying and visiting!

Lauren Hill

Our next senior is Lauren Hill. After graduating this May, you can catch Lauren in Europe for her senior trip. This summer, she will work in tutoring or a law firm job before starting law school this fall. Her favorite part of working in the Writing Center has been having appointments when she truly felt like she was able to help the students, as well as just creating friendships with the students as they visited the WC!

Drew Peters

Drew Peters will be graduating with a degree in Social Studies Education this May. He will be moving to Birmingham, where he hopes to teach. He is also excited about finding a new church! While working in the Writing Center, he has appreciated the opportunity to increase and diversity his resume’s “work experience” category.

Callie Partridge

Callie will be graduating with a degree in English Writing, and she is excited to be nannying and job hunting this summer! It is hard to say what her favorite thing about working in the Writing Center has been, but all the time she spent here was incredible. It’s been a sort of home where she has made friends, done homework, and worked alongside other students to help them with writing. It’s just a good place to be, she thinks.

Luke Horst

After graduating with his degree in Accounting, Luke plans to attend Mississippi College to get his MBA. After that, he plans to begin working toward getting his CPA license. His favorite part of working in the Writing Center is that the atmosphere, community and vibe are all unmatched.

Avery Kozmicki

Post-gradation, you’ll find Avery working a job in editing of some kind with his degree in Language, Writing, and Linguistics. His favorite part of working in the Writing Center has been working with writers, which he has found to improve his own writing skills.

Mary Evelyn McPherson

Mary Evelyn will be graduating this May before pursuing graduate school and a full-time job. Her favorite part about working in the Writing Center has been the community she has found here!

Congratulations to these seniors! We are so proud of you all and your contribution to the Writing Center. We hope for the best for your futures -- we know they will be bright!

Check back in a few days for part two of our graduating seniors post!

-- Mary

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