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  • Isaac Jackson

What's in Your Hands?

My name is Isaac Jackson, and I’m a junior Psychology major and a writing tutor in the Mississippi College Writing Center.

I want to change the world. I mean, the world is changing anyways, but I want to leave it better off after I’ve taken my trek through. However, I have a lot to learn, and the writing center is doing a whole bunch to help me on the way.

If you’re wondering how I’m going to change the world, then we’re doing the same thing. I have no idea. However, I think I’ve found a place to start.

The plan I have to change the world is basically a replica of what I’ve learned working for the writing center. Let’s walk through making a plan to change the world as though we were going to write a paper. You’ve got this. Hang in there.

First, we need something to write about. Think of this life as a blank assignment sheet, and we get the option to write our own story. Since that has an overwhelming amount of options, let’s narrow the list. Hopefully, a useful and personally interesting focus will keep us motivated and working hard.

Slight problem here: I tend to have my head in the clouds. I mean, curing cancer would be cool, but I’m a Psych major. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? Avoid nuclear fallout? I don’t have much else for curing cancer.

This seems to be the hardest part of writing a paper. We often feel ill-equipped when working on big projects.

Being little ol’ me, I don’t know enough. I don’t have the gifts or the talents.

That’s okay. Papers also often look daunting when we look at them as a whole. Writing our own stories may look daunting when we look at the whole thing. I mean, I’m surprised I haven’t had nightmares about paying taxes and having an electric bill.

Before I say anything else…pause. Take a breath. Feel your chest rise and remember, you are here. You are now. Now look in your hands? What is in them?

We’re not writing our entire story this very moment. We’re working with what is in our hands to write a better story. Maybe you have an outline, maybe a few chapters. Maybe you’re just now exploring topics. I’m currently making an outline and researching how to improve my story.

Here is the outline I have written so far:

Change the World

  • …by walking with my neighbors through their hurts, their fears, their joys, and their successes.

  • (Practice being an encouraging neighbor.)

If you’re still exploring topics, maybe even try writing a little bit of your story with some different topics. We normally call these drafts, and not-so-pretty drafts are okay. We’re working with what is in our hands.

I try to be an encouragement as I walk with my neighbors, and sometimes I mess up. That’s okay. I’m not writing that part of my story anymore.

If I write a not-so-pretty chapter, I can learn from trying to write my story in the first place. I’m just learning how to make what is in my hands a better story.

From here, keep learning. Keep writing. But always remember that you are here, now. What’s in your hands?


If the first chapter of your story is passing your classes with flying colors, stop by the MC Writing Center today!

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