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Community in Diversity and Why It's Important for the Writing Center

Here at the Writing Center, we all value different variations of similar things. For example, we all appreciate our white-board table either for tutoring or doodling purposes. We also all value good grammar (which is good news for you, since we're here to help you with yours, right?!)

We also all really value our WC community, and especially the diversity that exists within this community.

Since its origin, the WC has striven to include and accept all types of individuals and has served this campus’ student body regardless of age, gender, religion, or race. In other words: The Writing Center celebrates the differences which make us each special!

In today’s world, it’s very easy for us to spot disunity. But can we actually recognize unity? Often times, when we describe unity or community, we’re really describing a division -- a unity for one thing against something else. The word "community" usually describes disunity because it points out a specific group of people who acknowledge they have something in common — heritage, money, skills, ideology, etc — then uses these common attributes as an excuse to build walls, separating the community off from the whole.

The WC wants to imagine a more inclusive unity. Not a community where everyone dresses alike or has the same thoughts and opinions, but a community where we can express that we are united and connected in a deeper way — not only acknowledging what we already know we have in common, but actively seeking to learn what else we have in common, as well.

We believe that one of the best ways to acknowledge and seek out what we have in common is through writing. Therefore, this semester, the WC will be exploring our diverse community of tutors through recognizing their preferred genre/method of writing. Hopefully through this process, we’ll be able to celebrate our uniqueness while also applauding the extreme talent that exists within this community!

So what does all of this mean, exactly? Well, it means that you should stay tuned for Writer Highlights/Tutor Spotlights! :) We're so excited to showcase our tutors and their writings, and we know you are, too!

Also, please remember that no matter your major, classification, gender, etc. you're always welcome to come hang out with us in our community and let us help you with any writing concerns you may have! :) You can make an appointment here.

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