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  • Amy Atwood

The Writing Center Community

Hey everyone, it’s me (Annie)! We’re beginning finals this week, which means that our semester has nearly come to a close. I always take some time to reflect back on each academic year around finals week. As I reflect back on the 2021-2022 academic year, I realize that our Writing Center community has truly grown and flourished over the course of this year. We’ve grown closer and adapted our community to connect with each other in different ways. I reached out to Amy Atwood, one of our tutors here at the Writing Center, to tell you more about our Writing Center community.

Amy Atwood, Writing Center tutor

Have you ever had something fall short of your expectations? When I became a tutor at the Writing Center, I was expecting to become a part of an in-person community of people who I worked alongside every day in the Writing Center. However, in the beginning, it didn’t play out that way. The semester that I took English 398 to learn how to tutor was the first Covid semester where everyone was sent home. The next year, my first year as a tutor, my hours were half online and half in person. It’s really hard to make friends with people when everyone’s wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart, separated by plastic, and afraid of the people around them.

As I spent more time working in the Writing Center, I found that my expectations for community and friendship in the Writing Center were surpassed. All of my coworkers became people I could rely on and trust. I look forward to every tutoring shift that I have, not only because I love the job itself, but because I love the people that I am surrounded by. Matt Drew was the first friend that I made in the Writing Center and he continues to strike up a conversation with me during every shift that we have together. Some other memories I have befriending fellow tutors include: bonding with Jenna Trotter over a book we both read, writing poems with Ethan Hulshizer, and complaining about all of life's troubles with Sophie Tusant.

The Writing Center is full of friendships!

Not only are we friends in the Writing Center, but we’re also coworkers. This means that when any tutor needs help, the other tutors are there for them. For example, when someone can’t make it to their shift multiple people are willing to cover it. If someone is confused on how things at the Writing Center work, any tutor who’s been there and has figured it out is able to give them advice. When Callie first joined the Writing Center, a Correspondence (appointment by email) was a new thing that we had started doing to accommodate during Covid. I, having already been working there for a year, was able to help her figure out how to format and conduct those online appointments that she had never done before.

Students aren’t the only ones that make appointments at the Writing Center, fellow tutors make appointments with each other. Matt trusted me to proofread a paper that he wrote for a historical conference. Elijah Cardenas sent sections of his capstone to multiple tutors, myself included. Callie has sent assignments to both me and Ethan to get multiple eyes on it. I have also made appointments with my fellow tutors, getting multiple eyes on one assignment can be very beneficial and that’s something that we all have used each other for.

The Writing Center staff often makes appointments with each other!

At the Writing Center, two new additions have been added for tutors and students alike: the new coffee/tea/snack bar and the questions on the whiteboard. I remember just a few weeks ago when Maria offered to make me Apple Cider from the new Keurig. Reading a book and sipping on a hot drink in the Writing Center is something I highly recommend. On the whiteboard, a new question every week is surrounded by answers in many different colors. I always look forward to writing my answer and reading the responses of my fellow tutors. One of the past questions was “What font are you?” and we all collectively agreed that Ethan is Comic Sans.

With reopening the Writing Center in person came hosting events for tutors. Right after spring break, we had our first Writing Center movie night with pizza, popcorn, and good conversation. Our last Writing Center workshop was held in person with coffee and donuts. Every semester we have an end of the year party to hang out, celebrate each other, and say goodbye to graduating seniors. Throughout the month before, cards are passed around for tutors to let the seniors know we will miss them. This community is one full of love, laughter, and some of my favorite memories. The community of the Writing Center tutors if everything I hoped it would be and more. I highly encourage you to stop by the Writing Center before the end of the semester and get to know us more! Every student is a welcome member of our community and we would love for you to become more connected with us.

Stop by the Writing Center this week!


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