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  • Sophie Abuzeid

How To Be Strong And Courageous

Hello again, Writing Center folks! We’re transitioning into our “Quick Tips From The Writing Center” series this week. One of our great Writing Center tutors, Sophie Abuzeid, will kick off this series by telling us how to be strong and courageous!

WC Tutor and Guest Writer Sophie Abuzeid

WC Tutor and Guest Writer Sophie Abuzeid

This past year has been nothing short of challenging for all of us. However, this new semester at MC brings us a new feeling of hope and courage. You may be familiar with Dr. Thomson and the University’s campaign based on Joshua 1:9 to be Strong and Courageous. In the book of Joshua, the Israelites finally enter the Promised Land after a long and tiring journey. In the book, they are commanded to be strong and courageous in the midst of adversity. Dr. Thomson emphasized that this verse can apply to us as students of MC.

As a student and tutor at the MC Writing Center, I have had to stay strong and courageous not just for myself, but also for others. This past summer I worked from home as an online tutor for the Writing Center which came with its own set of challenges. However, being able to have a community, though it was virtual, and help others with their writing brought me hope and stability. I had to and continue to be strong and courageous for the writers to see me.

Being in isolation was a difficult time for me and for many others. In August before the semester started, I still felt skeptical and uncertain about the academic year ahead of me. However, as the semester has progressed and we are approaching midterm (and I, graduation), I have definitely grown more hopeful and courageous. The reason for this is not only my faith but seeing my MC community come together and unite in solidarity.

As a student and a tutor, I have some advice on how to stay strong and courageous during this challenging time.

My first piece of advice to you is to find community and build relationships. Quarantine and isolation was a challenging time for us all and may continue to be. What helped me the most was finding my community and building relationships within it. For me, that was the writing center, the friends I have made and connected with through all of this kept me grounded and hopeful. Although we could not be together in person, it was still helpful to talk to others on the phone or through Zoom. I encourage you to continue to reach out to your friends and family and form a sense of togetherness and comradery. If you are able to be together physically, remember to social distance and care for each other. I encourage you to text or reach out to a friend and see how they are doing because I believe we are stronger together.

The WC has a great community

Try to find a community like the one here at the Writing Center!

My second bit of advice to remain strong and courageous is to be grateful. Back in March, we all suddenly lost so much. As we start this new year and adapt to our “new normal,” I urge you to be grateful for everything. Cherish every moment and every person you interact with. Although it may not be fun to get up and go to an 8am class (believe me, I know), be grateful for even having the opportunity to go to class. Our professors have worked hard to adapt to this semester and they have had their own sets of challenges as well. I am very grateful for the directors of the Writing Center, Ms. Song and Dr. Price, who have worked hard to reopen the Writing Center this semester and make it a safe place to be, both emotionally and physically. I am also grateful for all of my fellow tutors and seeing them thrive and adapt to the changes is so inspiring to me.

My final word of advice is to take care of yourself. While it is important to take care of our physical health during this time, our emotional and mental health is just as important. Check in with yourself each day to see how you are feeling. When I feel overwhelmed, I like to go on walks or drives to be out in nature. As a Writing Center tutor, I also recommend writing or journaling as an outlet for stress. Over the past six months, writing has helped me to process difficult things but also to regain strength. Expressing yourself and confronting your struggles is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

Use writing and journaling as outlet for stress!

As the semester and year continue, we will still have our battles to fight but rest assured knowing that you are not alone and you are strong and courageous.

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