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  • Madeline Osigian & Cassandra Holcombe

Words of Wisdom from Our Departing Seniors

When the school year begins, seniors move into their dorms and apartments like every other student on campus, and I was no exception. Soon my posters were up on the wall, my books were nicely lined on my shelves and my desk was free of paper (for one and only time throughout the entire school year). I stood back and let myself relax, basking in the knowledge that everything needed to start my last school year was ready.

That was when the thought hit me. My last school year. As in, last ever year at Mississippi College. All at once, my good mood evaporated, and I found myself feeling sad and shocked.

No matter how many times I say good-bye to someone or some place, one thing remains constant: it is always hard.

Some of you reading this may be seniors like me and my awesome co-editor, Madeline, who are doing the leaving, but others may be juniors, sophomores, freshmen, or maybe even teachers. All of these will not be leaving Mississippi College but will have friends that are going. This means that you also will be experiencing sadness at the end of the school year.

However, your senior friends from the MC Writing Center would like to give you a gift to cheer you up.

Our seniors may be spread across the nation right now, but we wouldn’t leave you without sharing some of the most important things we’ve learned.


Life Advice

“The world is saved by small, everyday occurrences, not by grandiose displays of courage. The world is made of ripples. You are doing just as much good by a simple, heartfelt compliment and a genuine kindness as anyone you would consider a hero. We start little ripples, which turn into bigger ripples, and that's how we change the world. One bit of humanity at a time.”

~Megan McGee, Tutor & Receptionist

“There's a familiar phrase: you are what you eat. I believe you become what you think (to a degree of course). There was a phenomenal scientific discovery of a brain cell called the mirror neuron. A scientist was eating an ice cream cone in front of a monkey connected to some brainwave readers. As the monkey watched the researcher eat, the monkey's brain waves responded like it was also eating an ice cream cone! Here's another way to put this - you practice what you think about. If you think about eating an ice cream cone, your brain can act like it's actually happening! So if you want to be a writer, think about writing. If you want to be more patient, imagine being more patient. If you want to walk more intimately with God, then fill your mind with eternal and good things. Or if you just want to be more productive, then stop calling yourself a procrastinator and start thinking about productive things. Whatever you do, don't let your mind drag you down. I'm not saying this is a one-stop shop for all your problems. I am saying, if you let your mind practice moving forward, then at least you have some practice. I believe in you! One step at a time. Stay strong out there!”

~Isaac Jackson, Tutor

College Advice

“Enjoy the time you have here, whether it’s in class, in your dorm, at Cups, or in the piazza. Mentor a younger student, or just be their friend and make them feel welcome here in this place that’s become your home. Spend time with your roommate and suitemates. Go to Waffle House at one in the morning on a Thursday. Eat an early breakfast in the Caf with your friends after a workout. Drive on the Trace. Argue over lollipop flavors in the dish at the Writing Center admin desk. Enjoy all the little moments that you’re blessed with while you’re at MC, because they’re going to be over before you know it, and it’s worth a few late nights and tired mornings to have memories and friendships you’ll cherish forever.”

~Kathryn Hurry, Tutor

“I feel remorse and regret for times where I was content to sit still during my college years with no urgency or purpose. I was content to get through each day merely checking off tasks of busy work. My challenge to you—wake up each day with the knowledge of how finite our days are! Pursue things that are eternal and that bring JOY to your soul. You were created by God for THIS exact purpose. That through this joy, you bring glory to him. Don’t take a day for granted—seize each one. Get plugged into a local church body—find true fellowship. Be stubbornly relational in every encounter with people. And yourself a favor and listen to the Last Samurai soundtrack. God bless, Writing Center family!”

~Jon Harding, Tutor

Writing Center Advice

“The Writing Center community is a place of growth. Not only does the Writing Center help your writing skills improve, but it’s also a family. I encourage students to dig in deep and be committed to becoming their very best. I love you guys, and I can’t wait to see each of you grow.”

~Kailyn Skinner, Receptionist

“Don't neglect your writing center appointments as being opportunities to connect with other people. In the midst of helping students with papers and assignments, take advantage of being able to get to know someone and possibly even establish new friendships. You can learn a lot about them and learn a lot from them, and they can do the same from you.”

~Jonathan Scott, Tutor

“Several students come in, and we never know what happens outside in their life. Sometimes you work on a paper, or you might be playing trash-ket ball. Having an open mindset has helped so much in the WC, and now it’s about to help me in the ‘real world.’ I hope you all are healthy, wealthy, and well!”

~James Flickner, Tutor & Receptionist

“First, make friends with the people around you. Some of the deepest and funniest conversations I've ever had have been with my coworkers at the WC. Second, encourage each other. It always meant so much to me when a fellow WC tutor said they overheard something I said/did in my session and thought it was helpful. Finally, as tutors, writers, and students, we often use the WC as a safe place to rant about how stressed we are. I think we are all excellent at listening and commiserating with each other, and I love that. As a community, let's continue not just to listen, but to encourage one another as well.”

~Sydney Nicholson, Tutor

“Absolutely! I think the work of the writing center is so inspiring. We are helping people write, which means we are helping them put forward their ideas, develop their arguments, and share their stories. Writing is a lifelong skill and a vital form of self-expression, and we get to play a role in the building of that skill. It helps to remember that on the harder days when you've only had two hours of sleep or when the deadlines are looming. The work of the writing center matters, both now and in the long run, and I'm honored to have been a part of it.”

~Christy Ogletree, Tutor

“Appreciate the time you have, and don’t be scared to make a new friend. Lessons can be learned every day in the WC with or without a session going on. The Writing Center was one of my favorite places on campus, and that’s just because of how intentional and genuine the people who work there are. I believe the student writers and receptionists being like this is just a reflection of the great leadership we have in Ms. Song and Dr. Price.”

~Aaron Feazelle, Former Tutor & Student Body President

Some Final Words from the Editors

“Everyone says that the college years are the best of your life, but even in college I have found that each stage of life is what you make of it. Each has its pros and cons. While college is full of freedom, it is also full of responsibility, and we are forming habits at this age that will stick with us through adulthood. In each area of my life, I have found that I grow the most when I set specific goals for myself in areas of life both small and large. Abstract goals like finding community, making the most of our time, or being healthy can become reality through a series of clearly defined daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Then we can live lives that not only excite us but also honor God and bring encouragement to others.”

~Madeline Osigian, Tutor & Editor of the WC Blog

“Remember that learning and fun are not mutually exclusive concepts. If there is one thing that being in the English department has taught me, it is that learning and fun go hand in hand. Never forget that Quizlet is your new best friend and that OWL Purdue is the most useful website to have bookmarked. (Even if you like Facebook or YouTube far more). Also, the saying about eating a whale a bite at a time applies to school assignments like you would not believe. The way to avoid late nights and a caffeine addiction is to schedule little chunks of work for each subject each day to get those projects done instead of waiting until the last minute. Long live the school planner!”

~Cassie Holcombe, Tutor & Assistant Editor of the WC Blog

It has been our pleasure being the MC Writing Center blog editors. We have had a lot of fun times together and hope that you will think of us and the Writing Center whenever you are in the library. Never forget your friends at the Writing Center.

~Madeline Osigian & Cassie Holcombe

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