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  • Cassandra Holcombe

Separated But Not Alone

When I packed up my suitcase to go home for spring break, I was looking forward to a fun week spent with my family before tackling the rest of the semester.

Then one morning I woke up to discover that the coronavirus had lengthened my break by a week. This was unexpected, but getting to spend another week at home was great. Soon, however, I got the same email that everyone else at Mississippi College did: do not come back to school; the rest of the semester will be online.

Add to this email the stay-at-home order that most states are under by now, and it is tempting to feel that you are alone. This can be scary because we students are not just facing the coronavirus but an entire semester without teachers present to motivate us or classmates to lean on for help.

In the dark days before the internet, these fears would be justified. We live, however, in an age where connection over long distances has never been easier. With the touch of a button, we can send emails that cross the country in seconds. Social media ensures that we can see pictures from each other and share experiences and jokes.

Best of all, we have video conferencing platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype, which allow us to see and talk with one another. If there is one thing we know for sure at the present time, it is that distances apart have never been more irrelevant.

The Writing Center has taken advantage of the technology that connects us.

Though our tutors may be scattered all over the country like our fellow students, we have online appointments where you can send a tutor an assignment you would like looked over (correspondence appointments) or chat with them over Zoom about what you are working on (online chat appointments).

No matter the distance, the Writing Center is here for you. You can work with us online at Mondays through Thursdays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central Time.

And you can catch all of our writing activities, giveaways, and competitions on Twitter (@MC_WCenter), Facebook (@MississippiCollegeWritingCenter), and Instagram (@mc_writingcenter)!

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