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  • Cassandra Holcombe

How Tutors Lead the MC Community

The writing center has a large impact on the Mississippi College community in more ways than one. Sure, it provides a place for people to come and learn about writing, but it also trains students like me, who serve as tutors, to be leaders in the community that the writing center is a part of. Writing tutors demonstrate this by the many leadership positions that they hold across campus.

Here are a few examples of writing tutors who have taken on leadership positions:

Damon Wright

Damon Wright is a communications major in his junior year and used to be a writing center tutor. As the Vice President of the Student Government Association, Damon Wright demonstrates his leadership skills, including the responsibility of leading the Student Government Senate. For further details, check out the Student Government section of the Mississippi College website at:

Sara Grace Duncan

Sarah Grace Duncan is a junior majoring in art history. She serves as the Christian Development Chair for Student Government. For further details, check out the Student Government section of the Mississippi College website at:

Christiana Ogletree

Christiana Ogletree is an editor for the Arrowhead, the literary magazine that Mississippi College produces annually. The Arrowhead is currently open for submissions for the 2020 version. She also serves as Vice President for Sigma Tau Delta, an English Honors Society. She is a senior with a major in English writing.

Sydney Nicholson

Sydney Nicholson is the president of Sigma Tau Delta, in which she oversees meetings and arranges events for the students who are a part of the honor society. She is a senior English literature major with a minor in history. Sydney hopes to be a college professor one day, which the MC Writing Center prepares her for.

Madeline Osigian

Madeline is the editor for this blog, but that is not her only role in the Mississippi College community. She serves as the copy editor for the Collegian, Mississippi College’s newspaper, which is available for free in central locations such as the cafeteria, library, and residence halls. Madeline is a senior in English writing.

Cassandra Holcombe

Cassandra Holcombe is the assistant editor for the blog and is currently writing this post. She is the president of the Mississippi College Creative Writing Club, which she helped to found. The club meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Jennings Basement. Cassandra Holcombe is also the senior debater on Mississippi College’s debate team. She is a senior with a major in English literature.


All of the tutors I have mentioned, including myself, use our talents as leaders in the community. One of the best parts about this is that we are also accessible to nurture the writing skills necessary for such leadership. Come to the MC Writing Center, and we will be waiting for you, ready to improve your writing or answer your questions.

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