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  • Madeline Osigian

Arrowhead Magazine Submissions Now Open

Hello, MC Writing Center friends, and welcome to a new month!

As November entered our lives with her chilly winds, we also caught wind of the greatest opportunity of the semester - the opportunity for you to become a published writer!

You heard me correctly. Mississippi College’s Arrowhead art and literary magazine is now accepting submissions from students across campus. Many graphic designers, photographers, and artists are submitting their work, even if it has nothing to do with their major. And you, as a writer, are also being called upon for your best poetry, creative essay, or short story.

The Arrowhead has been a respected publication in the South for nearly eighty years, and it holds a number of third place awards for Best Literary Magazine at the Southern Literary Festival.

{Christy Ogletree posing with last year’s copy of the Arrowhead, edited by Savannah Moore, in which Christy placed second in the poetry category}

Christy Ogletree, this year’s general editor of the magazine, said, “The Arrowhead wants to showcase your voice, to share the stories that only you can tell and the work only you can create. Regardless of where the future takes you, being published in the Arrowhead will become a part of your story. Ultimately, it is up to you to take this first step. We know that it takes a lot of courage to send your work out into the world, and we are so honored that you would place your trust in us. Many acclaimed authors and artists were first published through their university. When you share your work, we will send it to our panel of published and award-winning judges. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to take their first steps into the world of publishing.”

This is an incredible opportunity for artists and writers alike to find common ground as they collaborate on projects or work on individual projects side-by-side. You can even dig up your old writing and submit it.

“I have a hunch that lots of you have previous material you could dust off and polish up,” said Dr. Kerri Jordan of the English department.

You can submit up to three entries in each category of the following categories: poetry, creative essay, poetry, photography, digital illustration, or studio art. Submissions can be emailed to through Dec. 4, 2019, so get started now! You can also follow the Arrowhead on Twitter: @arrowheadatmc.

The MC Writing Center will be here for you on the first floor of the Leland Speed Library, ready to help you with your submission or to tell you how amazing of a writer you are and wish you luck! Come and see us before finals while you have time to flex your creative muscles.

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