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  • Cassandra Holcombe

Fall In Love with the Writing Center This Fall

Fall has come again and brought with it the beginning of a new school year. Some students will be new to Mississippi College and spend the first few weeks stumbling around lost.

If this is you, then you are not alone. We all have gotten lost at least once if not twice when we first came here.

Most of you will be returning to school and anxious to reconnect with friends and favorite professors. Then there are those who are like me and are returning here for the last school year of their undergraduate college career and are now sweating bullets about what the future holds. (I may not actually be doing that at the moment, but come find me a month or so before graduation, and that will likely be true.)

One fact is true for all of us, though, and that is the coming of new and different challenges and assignments. It is this part that the writing center will always be there to help with.

The writing center begins this year with the largest amount of tutors it has contained in a long time. A lot of familiar faces make up the mix, but quite a few new ones have also been added, bringing with them fresh insights and perspectives.

One of the best parts of this community is that we are not professors or teachers. We are your classmates, we are your peers, and the writing center is not the only place you see us. We sit in the same seats and do the same work that you do. Many of us have taken the same classes and faced the same assignments.

When you walk in the door and make an appointment, you may learn something from us, but we also learn something from you.

So come into the writing center, and let’s get this new school year off to a great start!

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