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  • Madeline Osigian

Goodbye, Graduates!

It’s the end of the semester, and while some of us will return in the fall, others are off to graduate school, jobs, and other adventures. We always love celebrating our seniors, and on April 25 the MC Writing Program hosted a celebration by the MC letters outside of Nelson Hall.

Each year, the writing center's graduating seniors receive MC Writing Center coffee mugs to commemorate all the hard work they have put into the writing center over the years.

We asked a few of them about their favorite parts of working in the collaborative environment of the writing center and if they had any words of wisdom to share with remaining students.

Here’s what they had to say.

“The writing center gave me a home at MC. It gave me a group of people who could help me along the way and knew what I was going through. I’m forever grateful for my writing center family. I want people to remember that they are capable. I hope that I’ve been able to remind them that they can do this, whatever ‘this’ may be!”

-Sam Dean, Tutor & Receptionist

“The writing center for me has been a family of people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Without this community and the diversity represented in it, my college life wouldn’t have been as rich as it was!”

-Savannah Moore, Tutor

“The writing center has allowed to make great friends and great memories. It’s been an overall wonderful place to work.”

-Thomas Gray, Tutor

“The writing center has given me a profound professional appreciation for the work of engaging with student writing, and it will inform my teaching for years to come. More than that, the writing center has given me lifelong friendships. I’ve never felt more supported than I have in my time at the writing center.”

-Taylor Hathorn, Receptionist & Twitter Coordinator

Seniors, thank you for teaching other tutors and students from your wider fields of knowledge. We look forward to seeing how your writing continues to impact those around you!

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