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  • Sophie Abuzeid

Why Good Writers Should Still Visit the Writing Center

My name is Sophie Abuzeid, and I'm a graphic design major and an English writing minor. As a writing center tutor, I find myself in the writing center quite a bit, and not only because I work there. I actually make appointments for myself outside of my shifts to have other tutors help me with assignments.

As a tutor, I believe it is important that we constantly push ourselves and learn from each other. That way we can enhance our writing abilities.

1. Everybody needs an editor.

Even the most successful and seasoned writers need editors. Whether there are minor spelling errors or major organizational problems, having another set of eyes look over a paper could help catch things not noticed before.

Maybe a paper could be improved by adjusting paragraph locations, rewording a sentence, or even structuring a thesis statement. Whether the writing is in need of extreme editing or not, it is important to have another qualified person offer their input.

2. You can gain inspiration from other tutors.

However, let’s say you don’t need help with grammar or organization. Sometimes, you might not even have started writing yet and are still in the brainstorming phase. Sometimes, talking and collaborating with a peer can help you find inspiration. As a tutor, I know how visiting the writing center can inspire and create new ideas.

Everyone has a different perspective of the world around them, so visiting the writing center can open your eyes to new ways of thinking and writing.

3. Tutors are smart and experienced.

And two heads are better than one. The collaboration and exchange of ideas that happens when two experienced tutors interact with each other are a valuable resource. For me, if another tutor has already taken class that I’m currently in, I find that making an appointment with them helps me to better grasp and understand the assignment. It’s also neat to see how they may have approached the assignment differently and see what input they have for my own work.

4. The writing center is for everyone.

The writing center has something to offer for everyone, even other writing tutors and good writers. As a tutor, I’ve come to the writing center with assignments from other disciplines besides English. It’s been super helpful to get input from a peer in a comfortable and friendly environment.


Whether you are a tutor or not, visiting the MC Writing Center can be a great way to grow as a writer. Instead of just winging your next paper, make it an "A" with help from your fellow writers!

You can schedule an appointment to collaborate on a paper at, on the phone, or in person on the first floor of the Leland Speed Library.

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