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  • Madeline Osigian

How to Choose Between a 30-Minute or 1-Hour Long Appointment

It’s a daily struggle - time management. We try to juggle our six classes with work and a social life, but the little moments of time slip away from us.

The MC Writing Center helps you maximize your hours. Our tutors and receptionists work with you to make sure you have a convenient time slot for your appointment, and they help you stay focused on the paper for 30-minute or 1-hour long sessions.

Need a brainstorming session but you’re too confused to get started? Talk it out with a tutor.

Trying to organize a paper but don’t know what organization serves you best? Ask a tutor.

Spending hours figuring out MLA or APA? Our tutors know those like the back of their hands.

It’s not too hard to schedule an appointment online (here) or in person, but how do you know how long to make your appointment? Here’s a brief guide to help you figure it out.

  1. Ask yourself how far you are. If you’ve made significant progress in a paper and only have two or three smaller questions, a 30-minute appointment may serve you best. On the other hand, if you don’t have a clue about your formatting, conclusion, or another section of the paper-development process, it might be best to plan on an hour of focused attention on the paper.

  2. Think about if the appointment will be online or in-person. If you have the ability to have an in-person appointment, communication will be faster and easier. If you’re unable to come in to the writing center, a 1-hour online appointment may serve you better since communication takes place in a chat box.

  3. Consider your tutor. You may be able to access a tutor you already know or have worked with in the past. Especially if they are familiar with your project, it will be easier to move through your paper. In this case, a 30-minute appointment may serve you both well.

Our tutors are here to help, and they love both 30-minute and 1-hour long appointments for different reasons.

The most important part of picking your appointment?

Don’t wait until the last minute! Get a jump on your next project by scheduling an appointment online, by phone, or by speaking to a receptionist in person today.

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