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  • Madeline Osigian

6 Inspiring Tutors to Collaborate with You

Welcome to the Mississippi College Writing Center blog! I’m Madeline Osigian, your 2018/2019 blog editor, and I’m so glad you’re here! This fall, we have assistant editor Cassie Holcombe and a variety of tutors who will be writing posts for you every Friday. We’ll discuss how our community works together to make you a better writer and all the various kinds of writing we can help you with.

The Mississippi College Writing Center, recognized across campus as “the white and green room,” never lacks friendly faces. This fall, we have an outstanding lineup of tutors, eager to invest in both new and returning students. From business to pre-law, kinesiology to chemistry, our tutors come from many backgrounds and majors to make sure you get the best.

To kick off the year, we asked our tutors what prepared them to work in the Writing Center and how their various strengths come into play when writing and helping students.

“Being an English major has taught me how to manage my time well. One of my favorite parts of writing is brainstorming because it helps me plan, so I don’t get stressed out.”

~Sydney Nicholson, English Literature major

“I’ve had to write a lot of APA papers before becoming a tutor, and it gave me plenty of experience. A lot of people don’t know how to write APA papers, even if they’ve taken ENG 101 and 102. I feel like it’s easier for me to help people, having written many of those papers myself and having cited my references.”

~Krista Brown, Kinesiology major

“Arguments, progression, and getting people to understand things are my strong suits. Since most of the time for academic papers, the professor wants the paper to be focused on one major conclusion, everything in the paper points to that. So being able to step into different perspectives and articulate the argument clearly is key for an understandable, clear paper.”

~Isaac Jackson, Psychology major

“My minor is TESOL, so I have taken and will continue to take culture classes and methods classes. This semester, I have two weekly meetings with IEP students. Not only does my TESOL background help me when addressing these students, but it prepares me for what I want to do in the future, which is to teach English overseas.”

~Samantha Taylor, English Education major

“Being a writer pushes me to understand my own writing and that of those around me. This understanding allows me to have a unique grasp of English that helps me be a better tutor. The Writing Center helps more experienced writers share their knowledge with other students.”

~Caleb Jenkins, English Writing and Pre-law major

“English has always been my favorite subject. My specialties include grammar rules, resumes, and coding. I want to be an English teacher, so the Writing Center is a great opportunity for me to practice those skills. When I look at a paper, grammar always stands out to me. I like resumes because I am very organized, and resumes are very organized. Lastly, I took a class with Dr. Jordan where we had a lot of coding, and I really enjoyed it.”

~Jessica Payne, English Education major

Because they can help you with writing in a variety of disciplines, our tutors’ specialties and majors are listed along with appointment times at

Schedule an appointment online or in person today, so you can amaze your professor with a well-researched, well-written, and well-formatted paper.

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