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Why Do You Write?

With the semester rapidly drawing to a close, we here at the Writing Center thought it would be nice to have a little fun and talk about why we love writing!

We wanted to spotlight some of our awesome tutors and give them an opportunity to talk about writing, and what it means for them. Our hope is that as you read through some of these thoughtful responses you'll be able to think about reasons why you love writing, too!

"I love creative writing, especially fantasy fiction. I love this genre of writing because it allows me to make up my own world with its own history, set of rules, creatures, and magical elements. In fantasy, the illogical becomes logical. The unreal becomes real. It is a genre that requires me to stretch my imagination and truly think outside of the box as I place myself into an world that is entirely different from my own."

-Alex Peterson

"I love writing (and reading!) creative fiction because it serves as an escape from our troubles in the real world."

-Christian Grantham

"Normally my writing is sporadic and random. And the past few years it's been hard to write anything that wasn't academic. But recently I've been working on a collection of short stories about different people's points of view of the American Revolution. I'm trying to have it done and bound so I can give it to my mom as a Christmas gift."

-Thomas Gray

"I write non-fiction, mostly blog type posts. But I do them usually as my own little personal journals -- mainly because nobody knows about my blog. My writing is more personal because sometimes words are just too heavy to speak out, and I don't want to weigh others down with them. And it's nice because paper always listens. I tend to just write for myself, but I would like to write a biography about my grandparents one day.

"I love writing. It makes me happy. That's why I love tutoring so much, and also why I've never had any regret about changing my major. I probably should have realized it sooner when I was in middle/high school and I told someone how much I enjoyed writing essays! Writing just is just so personal and deep. Depending on how much detail is added or how it is written, writing sometimes seems like magic -- how it is able to take you to places you have never thought of before. Just think about your favorite book. It is just wild to me how we can get so into it that we feel as though we are apart of it, witnessing everything first hand.

Just imagine where we would be without it..."

-Kayla Beebe

If you don't love writing (or even if you do!) you can make an appointment with these tutors and others who would love to walk with you through any writing you're currently working on. Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, academic writing, it doesn't matter - we're here to help you because we love to do it!

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