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Meet the 2017 Staff!

With the fall semester well under way, we here at the writing center want to welcome everyone back! :) We've already been having a lot of fun in the writing center seeing old friends and making new ones, and with midterms upon us, we wanted to take the time to make sure we're all acquainted with each other so that the writing center can help with all of your writing needs! Whether you need help writing a research paper, an annotated bibliography, or even just help brainstorming, our staff is excited to help you with your projects. With that being said, let's go ahead and meet this semester's staff.

1. Taylor Hathorn

Meet Taylor, our jack of all trades! Taylor is a receptionist and also our Facebook coordinator. Her favorite thing to write is Tweets although her favorite genre is Southern Literature. Another fun fact about Taylor is that she has a rare super-power which enables her to fold a fitted sheet!

2. Aly Travani

This is our friend Aly. Aly's favorite thing to write is non-fiction book reviews! Aly can you help with Chicago/Turabian style, annotated bibliographies, and grammar rules. In addition to being a writing center tutor, Aly is also an intern at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, which we think is pretty cool.

3. Maria Alonso

This is Maria Alonso. Maria's favorite thing to write is creative non-fiction, but Maria can definitely help you with any creative writing or poetry that you may bring in. A fun fact about Maria is that she spent the majority of her life wanting to be a Fashion Designer! She has several notebooks full of sketches, but halfway through high school, she realized that she loathed sewing. . . . So, she switched her passions to writing instead, for which we're super grateful!

4. Julia Champagne

Meet Julia! Julia's favorite thing to write is historical fiction. Julia is here to help you with new MLA style, grammar rules, or research strategies. Her fun fact is that she was in the newspaper for playing chess with a Bulgarian Chess Master.

5. Kayla Beebe

This is Kayla, our Twitter coordinator! Kayla's favorite thing to write are blog posts. Kayla can help anyone with personal statements, cover letters, resumes, or APA style. Kayla is super invested in the Oxford Comma debate, and in her spare time she enjoys painting along with Bob Ross videos.

6. Mary Madelon Case

This is Mary Modelon! Mary Madelon's favorite way to write is through journaling (it's such a good stress reliever!). Mary Madelon can help you out with APA style, research strategies, and grammar rules! A cool fact about Mary Madelon is that last semester, she went to England and hung out with Daniel Radcliffe.

6. Alex Peterson

Meet Alex. Alex's favorite form of writing is creative writing, fantasy fiction in particular! So you can totally come see Alex for any creative-writing needs.

Alex's fun fact is that once, when she was in middle school, she had the privilege of unintentionally swimming with a shark and didn't even realize it!

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