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  • Mary Beth Davis

The 5 Stages You Feel When Writing a Research Paper

You probably think that you're not familiar with the Kubler-Ross model (aka the 5 Stages of Grief) but you more than likely have actually experienced it every time your professor has told you that you were going to have to write a research paper! Don't believe me? Let's walk through the 5 Stages You Feel When Writing a Paper.

1. Denial

What's that you say? A research paper? Due in 3 weeks? Oh, I'll have plenty of time to write that! No problem! It's all good! I've got this. I can start next week and be fine.

2. Anger

That paper is due in 2 weeks? Are you serious?! I don't have time for this!! I have a life outside of the classroom. I don't want to spend all of my time holed up in the Library working on this!

3. Bargaining

Maybe I can talk to my professor about getting an extension.... Maybe I can talk someone else into writing this for me.... Maybe if I do badly on this paper, I can bring my grade up by doing well on the next one.... Surely, I have options!

4. Depression

This is impossible.... I'm never going to finish in time.... I'm going to bring shame on myself and my family.... Why do I do this to myself?

5. Acceptance

Hey. You know what? I think I'm actually going to be okay! This isn't that bad.... Wow. This is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Did I actually write this? I'm a genius.

Sound familiar? We at the Writing Center share your pain! :)

If you need help working through your own stages of writing, you can schedule an appointment with us here. Or, you can try to call us at 601-925-7289.

Happy Writing!

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